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Here are all the pictures used in the website( apart from those used in the player profiles section and the the player photos section).Thank you to and for pictures.
Bonetti.jpg (3321 bytes) TheSquad.jpg (58103 bytes) StamfordBridge.jpg (15434 bytes)
The legendary Peter Bonetti The 2004-05 Chelsea squad Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club
RomanAbramovic2.jpg (2045 bytes) CarlingCup.jpg (44134 bytes) 1960Kit.jpg (3255 bytes)
Chelsea's multi-billion pound ownerRoman Abramovic The League Cup( also called Carling Cup) which we recently won against Liverpool on 27 Feb. 2005 The 1960 kit
Gullit.jpg (5224 bytes) 1970Kit.jpg (3966 bytes) 1979-81Kit.jpg (3550 bytes)
Ruud Guillt and Glen Hoddle The 1970 kit The 1979-81 Kit
Chelsea86-05Badge.gif (5333 bytes) 1981-83Kit.jpg (3933 bytes) 1983-85Kit.jpg (3348 bytes)
The current Chelsea badge The 1981-83 Kit The 1983-85 Kit
1986-87Kit.jpg (3766 bytes) 1987-89Kit.jpg (4910 bytes) 1989-91Kit.jpg (4018 bytes)
The 1986-87 Kit The 1987-89 Kit The 1989-91 Kit
ECCC.jpg (24918 bytes) 1993-95Kit.jpg (3459 bytes) 1997-99Kit.jpg (4246 bytes)
Zola and Wise lifting the European Cup Winners Cup in 1998. The 1993-95 Kit Di Matteo in the 1997-99 Kit
1999-01Kit.jpg (3329 bytes) 2001-03Kit.jpg (4496 bytes) 2003-05Kit.jpg (3924 bytes)
The 1999-01 Kit Dennis Wise in the 2001-03 kit Carlton Cole in the 2003-05 kit
OriginalStamfordBridge.jpg (23397 bytes) Robben.jpg (2709 bytes) Trophys.gif (6159 bytes)
The old Stamford Bridge Robben The club crest and trophys won in the 2004/05 season
LampardWinsPrem.jpg (18577 bytes) LampardWinsPrem2.jpg (20522 bytes) 1905-1952Badge.gif (20161 bytes)
Lampard scores against Bolton Lampard scores again to clinch the Premiership title The 1905-1952 badge
crest_1905-1952variation.gif (13572 bytes) crest_1952-1953.gif (16203 bytes) crest_1953-1986.gif (13456 bytes)
A variation to the 1905-52 badge The 1952-53 badge The 1953-86 badge
crest_1953-1986variation1.gif (4959 bytes) crest_1953-1986variation2.gif (5406 bytes) crest_1953-1986variation3.gif (5878 bytes)
A variation to the 1953-86 badge A variation to the 1953-86 badge A variation to the 1953-86 badge
crest_1953-1986variation4.gif (5627 bytes) crest_1986-2005.gif (7960 bytes) crest_1986-2005variation1.gif (4923 bytes)
A variation to the 1953-86 badge The 1986-2005 badge A variation to the 1986-2005 badge
crest_1986-2005variation2.gif (5234 bytes) crest_1986-2005variation3.gif (5037 bytes) crest_1986-2005variation4.gif (5333 bytes)
A variation to the 1986-2005 badge A variation to the 1986-2005 badge A variation to the 1986-2005 badge
crest_2005.gif (11178 bytes) crest_2005variation1.gif (2641 bytes) crest_2005variation2.gif (2398 bytes)
The badge from 2005 onwards A variation to the 2005 badge A variation to the 2005 badge
crest_2005variation3.gif (3228 bytes) crest_2005variation4.gif (2764 bytes)  
A variation to the 2005 badge A variation to the 2005 badge  

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